How you can help reduce your business carbon footprint


Switch to green energy!

This one is simple, stop using non-renewable natural resources that damage our atmosphere! This is one of the main contributors to a businesses carbon footprint, using zero carbon or low-carbon alternatives helps significantly.

Waste management

Waste management in the UK is slowly changing for the better. But for your company simple changes can help improve how you manage your waste. Little things like telling your employees what facilities you have and where they can go to recycle helps a great deal. Properly labelled and even colour coordinated bins helps as well. 

Encourage cycling and public transport

Cars are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Encouraging you employees to commute to work via public transport is helps reduce your footprint. Even car pooling is something to be encouraged! 

Travelling to meetings and conferences

This is much the same as the previous point. If you have to travel to meetings or conferences try and us video conferencing like Skype so you don’t have to drive. Try to minimise business travel as much as you can.

Print only when required.

Using too much paper is not very good for the environment, so using less paper is essential in cutting down your carbon footprint. If this is difficult for you try and implement ways in which you can digitise some of you actions. Something as simple as double sided printing could also help!


Making sure that your office is well insulated will not only save you money but help reduce the amount of heat you use. Try and implement timings and controls for heating. This also improves the efficiency of your business. One thing that most businesses overlook is overnight heating. If you have to keep the heating on overnight make sure it is at the minimal setting!


Are you interested in green energy?