Display Energy Certificates / DECs


A Greener Solution can provide display energy certificates for public buildings or private organisations.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are designed to show the energy performance of public buildings.

They use a score based system that benchmarks their energy usage against other similar buildings.

Public authorities must have a DEC for a building if all the following are true:

It’s at least partially occupied by a public authority (eg council, leisure centre, college, NHS trust)
It has a total floor area of over 250 square metres.
It’s frequently visited by the public.

How long DECs last

DEC’s last for 1 year for buildings with a total useful floor area more than 1000 square metres.
They last for 10 years when the total useful floor area is over 250 square metres and up to 1000 square metres.

An accompanying advisory report needs to be completed every 7 years for buildings over 1000 square metres and every 10 years for buildings between 250 square metres and 1000 square metres.

Private organisations

Private organisations don’t need a DEC but can choose to get one if they want to. They may still need an Energy Performance Certificate if the building is sold or rented.

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For more information, read our article, Display Energy Certificates Explained.

Don’t get caught out: DECs are a legal requirement!