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Electricity Supplies – Switch today and save!

The business electricity market is a complex and volatile market. Over the past 18 months we have seen wholesale prices bottom as low as £30 per megawatt and rise up over £90 per megawatt for a period. With increased taxes and levies to add to this cost it really pays to use a consultant to look after this area of your business expenditure.

A Greener Solution review the energy market multiple times per day, and can provide reports to the client identifying trends that will assist in making the decision on when to buy, and whether to fix all costs for a certain period, fix electricity only, or purchase on a flexible contract where costs will go up and down in line with the market.

We can also provide a breakdown of where your electricity is generated from with your chosen supplier, to better enable you to make an informed choice in line with your goals.

For microbusiness, we understand that energy can be seen as a distraction from achieving your business goals, and are happy to keep it as simple or as in depth as you desire.

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