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The benefits of a greener company

Benefits from having a greener business There are lots of benefits to having a greener company and a small carbon footprint. Switching to renewable energy sources helps protect the planet and prevents the use of natural resources that harm the earth. Not only will...

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How to manage your carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint at workIf you are a small or large business, choosing to reduce your carbon footprint can help you save money. Adopting a more eco-friendly business model can also improve how your company is viewed by potential customers. There are...

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5 facts that make green energy even greater!

Great facts about green energyWe all know that green energy is the future, naturally renewed more effective than non-renewable energy. There is so much more about green energy that makes them much greater!The Romans used heat from the earth to warm their...

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Our Sitework Management service

Siteworks with A Greener SolutionOur engineering team, based in the North East, can manage any sitework requests. From installing new supplies to replacing existing meters. Our sitework management service will be a valuable asset to your business growth and...

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Spain commit to an ambitious green energy plan

Madrid have committed themselves to an ambitious green plan. They want to produce all their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Consequently this will help them cut emissions by a staggering 90%. The Spanish will have a renewable energy plan that...

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Could Hydrogen help climate change?

Using Hydrogen in the UK's current climateFirst of all, a third of the total energy for the UK comes from renewable energy, but using natural gas for heating is still a problem. The Uk is therefore still dependant on a non renewable heating source. But how...

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Display Energy Certificates Explained.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)   Are you making the most from your Display Energy Certificates assessment?   As we all should know, having a Display Energy Certificate, or DEC, is a legal requirement and must be displayed in public buildings. But are you...

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