We help all sectors from retail to manufacturing and leisure in managing elements of utility siteworks.

Our trusted North-East based engineering team will manage any sitework requests.

Whether it’s installing new supplies or replacing existing meters.

Using our sitework management service will be proven to be a valuable asset to your business growth and development!


Key Sitework Information

Sitework Services Offered
  • New gas or electric connections.
  • Meter capacity changes (upgrades and downgrades).
  • GT1’s – Engineers will attend the site to check your pipework, free of charge.
  • Non-standard connections and metering (rotary, turbines, substations, etc.).
  • Relocation or alteration of services.
  • Standard gas and electric meter installations.
  • AMR devices are available on all meters, free of charge.
  • MPRN creations (unregistered meters)
  • AQ appeals.
Lead Times
  • For standard meters (U6-U160) we aim to provide a quotation within an hour and install the meter within 5-10 days of payment.
  • For any service or cabling work, our quotation lead time is around 20 working days; for gas pipework we usually get this done quicker.
  • Non-standard metering will take up to 10 days (meter with hourly loads greater than 1484 kWh).
  • MPRN creations take around 20 working days.
  • Electricity meter quotations can be done within 24 hours, once payment has been received, it will take 10-15 days for instalment.

Costs for each job are dependent of different requirements.

For Example:

Things to consider for a new connection are:

  • Distance from the main.
  • Length of excavation on public land.
  • Length of excavation on private land.
  • Required hourly load.
  • Required pressure.
Application Process

Send us your contact details via the entry form on the Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

We can help with any sitework needs.